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Coco Veda is a socially sustainable enterprise development initiative in the Philippines with a responsible mission and a strong ethical value system focused on being able to make a difference in the farmer communities as well as the lives of those connected with us.
In three years, Coco Veda has developed a wide range of 100+ coconut based sustainable, hand-made, natural, organic & Halal certified healthy food, personal care, baby care , wellness care, pet care & cleaning products with a scalable international business model that focuses on digital partnerships at a B2C level and collaborations with professionals in the nutrition, dietary, natural health, wellness, fitness & targeted retail in the B2B segment.
Built on the back of relationships, these collaborations will have a significant positive impact – Coco Veda is well aligned to the United Nations SDGs 3, 4, 5, 8,9,10,12 & 17.

Financial Return

Our focus is to forge long term partnerships with the right like-minded capital partners where both hearts and minds connect. In principle, we are open minded and flexible, one simple approach could be 50% debt with a 5% p.a. return with payback in five years and the balance 50% equity on which we expect significant upside given the quality, benefits and cost effectiveness of the products backed by the global trend of lifestyles turning green and eco-friendly along with the shift to shopping online.

Social Return

As a social enterprise well aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with an immediate focus on SDGs 3,4,5,8,9,10,12 & 17, this scale-up growth plan will directly impact the livelihood of the coconut farmers & community to above USD 5 per day from currently below USD 2 per day. It will also build collaborative partnerships within the industry and impact the good health and well-being for regular consumers of the products.
Issuing organisation
  • Coco Veda Natural Products Inc. Philippines
  • Coco Veda EMEA LLC , Dubai , UAE
  • USD 1M (AUD 1.4M)
Minimum Investment
  • In multiples of USD 50k (AUD 70k)
Investment Type
  • Hybrid
Investor Type
  •  Retail Investors
  • 5 years
Impact Focus
  • General, Community, Employment, Environment, Gender equality, Health, Rural, Technology
  • Philippines


Rajiv Singh
Global Strategy, International Business Development & Marketing
+971 55 174 9566
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