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Impact Investment Group is a leading Australian impact investment funds manager. They have recently launched the Impact Alternatives Fund which is an unlisted, unregistered unit trust that was established to generate positive social and environmental impacts and appropriate risk-adjusted returns. The Fund aims to be diversified via a fund of funds structure, with a mix of defensive and growth assets and a diverse range of impact investment strategies. The Fund also aims to provide diversification from other parts of an investor’s portfolio; that is, the Fund’s strategies are typically less correlated to traditional asset classes.

Financial Return

The Fund aims to deliver appropriate risk-adjusted returns through a combination of capital growth and income generated from the Fund’s underlying investments. The total return objective of the Fund is 6–10% per annum on an internal rate of return (IRR) basis, pre-tax, post fees and costs, but this is not guaranteed.

Social Return

The Fund’s primary impact thesis is to drive net positive impact by providing an attractive investment alternative for mainstream investors, thereby building a significant and scalable pool of capital that can be deployed in new and existing impact projects and assets. The Fund aims to generate a mix of social and environmental impacts across its investment portfolio. Additionally, the Trustee has identified social and environmental Impact Themes to assist in the selection of opportunities that meet the Fund’s Investment Mandate.
Issuing organisation
  • Impact Investment Group
  • The Minimum Fund Size is $25 million and the Target Fund Size is $50 million for the First Close of the Fund. The Trustee will accept applications of up to $70 million at First Close.
Minimum Investment
  • $100,000
Investment Type
  • Debt & Equity
Investor Type
  • Wholesale investors
  • It is anticipated that the Fund will operate as an Evergreen fund with no fixed term or requirement to dispose of assets and distribute the proceeds to investors
Impact Focus
  • Environmental and Social Impacts, including clean energy, disability housing, regenerative agriculture, impact startups
  • Australia-wide


Amanda Goodman
Head of Syndication



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