Mindhive Bridge Round Capital Raising



Mindhive is a global platform for crowdsourced insight. A market place of minds where our most pressing issues are solved by the power of many.

Financial Return

 Mindhive is aiming to raise a target investment of $1,000,00 with oversubscriptions to $1,500,000. These issue price of the preference shares are at $0.25 (5c above seed investor issue price).

Social Return

Investors will contribute to growing a platform that assists individuals and peak bodies generate insight.
Issuing organisation
  • Mindhive
  •  Target of $1,000,000 with over-subscriptions up to $1,500,000
Minimum Investment
  • N/A
Investment Type
  • Equity
Investor Type
  • Wholesale/Sophisticated investors only
  • N/A
Impact Focus
  • Technology
  • Australia-wide


David Macauslane
Financial Controller, Company Secretary
M: +61 401 067 685

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