Sticking Together Social Impact Bond


Deal description

This investment will fund the expansion of the Sticking Together Project in NSW. The program objects to work with approximately 870 young people experiencing multiple and complex barriers to employment, utilising an intensive coaching model to improve participants’ engagement in productive activities. The Sticking Together Project will be delivered by SYC, a not-for-profit organisation focused on employment, training and youth services.

Financial Return

7.1% IRR

Social Return

46,000 weeks of coaching delivered to approximately 870 young people. Additional 290,000 hours spent in work or work-like activities, over an historic baseline.

Issuing organisation
  • Social Ventures Australia
  • $5M
Minimum Investment
  • $50,000
Investment Type
  • Hybrid
Investor Type
  • Sophisticated/Wholesale Investors only
  • 4.5 years
Impact Focus
  • Employment
  • NSW


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