Thank you for applying to feature your deal with the Impact Investing Hub. The listing of your deal will contribute to the continued growth of impact investing in Australia.
The Impact Investing Hub fee structure can be found below. The listing fees cover the administration costs incurred running the website and help us to continue to provide this great resource. After the initial payment you will receive a confirmation email with the listing dates of your deal.
The listing fee will be refunded if your listing is not approved.
If your listing is approved we will be in contact as further information will be required, including the IM and board resolution authorising the listing.

3 months: $90 + GST
6 months: $150 + GST
12 months: $200 + GST
Once your deal has closed or is fully subscribed, we will move it to the Past Deals Map where it will be available for public viewing. Upon submission of your deal form you will be taken to a payment gateway.
To list your deal on the Current Deals Library, your deal must satisfy 3 requirements:​
​1.  The deal must have a specific objective to achieve social and/or environmental impact with intention
2.  The impact of the deal can be measured and reported
3. The deal must have the expectation of a return on capital for its investors


1. Fill in the form above and then press the ‘Submit’ button.
2. Once you have submitted your deal, please press the ‘PROCEED TO PAYMENT’ button below.
1. This is an application to list your deal on the Impact Investing Hub’s Current Deals Library.  Your application may be accepted or rejected on the discretion of the Impact Investing Hub or its delegates.
2. Your application is subject to the website Terms and Conditions, including the warranty that appears on the next page.
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